Workout plans for men to build muscles

Workout plans for men to build muscles

Men are usually annoyed by the excess weight.

It may seem impossible for them to make a change in their bodies in a short time.

Actually, to build muscles, is possible to make the change, you can be able to make the fat disappear and even turn into muscles with regular workouts.

It is possible to have a new, fit and muscular appearance, by practicing body-building exercises.

If you are already practicing body-building exercises or have decided to try it out, this article would be very helpful by giving you workout plans and tips to follow to build your muscles.

By practicing these exercises, you can burn 3% of the fat in your body and achieve the muscle formation of 2 kilos.

This workout plan concerns exercises that do not involve any tools. You can easily do it wherever you are and whenever you want.

These exercises will ensure that your growth hormones will work stunningly and have an effect that will accelerate your metabolism by the first two days of training.

By practicing this workout plan, you should not take a break between your repetitions.

All you have to do is to relax for 3 minutes between tours during 5 laps.

These exercises, which you need to do regularly every day to make muscles, will allow you to get 2 kilos of muscle within a week.

If you continue this training program for a few weeks, it will not be difficult to achieve amazing results.

Effective workout plan to build your muscles:

  • Plyometric press-up:

You need to take a push-up position to do the movement.

While you are in the push-up position, gently descend and push yourself up fast and quite strongly as you get up.

Your hands must be cut from the position where you are pointing.

This action, which has a great effect on the muscles in the chest, will result in more muscle growth.

Apply the movement 15 times each turn.

  • Isometric press up:

With our first act, we will move hormones with this exercise while we try to speed up the blood circulation in our bodies.

You need to take the push-up position again to do this movement.

Fix your body in a straight line while in the push-up position.

With your arms in hand, first break up your elbows near the elevation and wait for 20-30 seconds in this position.

In every 10 seconds, remove your single leg from the floor and make your abdominal muscles work harder.

  • Alternate leg jump:

You will have plenty of bouncing and this exercise will also accelerate your fat burning.

Take a chair or a box and put a foot on the chair.

Break your knee to 90 degrees and take your arms to the two sides.

Bounce yourself as high as possible while in this position.

After you jump in, go down in the air as you land your other foot on the chair.

When you touch on your other foot, jump up as much as possible by repeating the same move.

If you do this by repeating this movement, which you have to make every 30 times for a total of 15 times for each pace, you have restricted the movement of the exercise.

  • Classic Burpee:

You have to repeat this exercise 20 times, which you have to do for the upper part of your body to work.

You will notice that your heartbeats are rising, so the burning of the heart will continue unabated.

After you open your feet slightly more than the shoulder width, start with the squat to the excerpt and then take the push-up position.

Come back to the squat position and jump as high as you can.

Repeat this motion without interruption.

  • Floor V-sit

Lie on your back and stretch your arms upward so you can do floor v-sit movements. Put your hands and feet firmly in the middle of your body firmly. Then return to the first position and repeat the exercise 15 times.

Repeat this exercise with 15 repetitions for 3 minutes.

If you are having difficulty doing the last repetitions, you can also practice by breaking your knees and doing the shuttle motion.

Do these exercises regularly and notice that your look will change visibly at a later date.

This workout plan can be easily implemented by everyone. By paying attention to the above points, when you provide a patient and disciplined work, you can put your body into shape, and even take the first steps necessary to achieve the muscle density you want in a simple and practical way.

 Tips men must follow for a good workout plan to build-muscles:

When it comes to increasing muscle mass, sometimes we follow wrong or ineffective methods, which eventually lead to almost non-existent results.

To promote muscle growth, here are the best ways to build muscles, which can help you maximize your efforts during training.

  • Eat more:

First of all, increasing caloric intake in combination with workouts naturally leads to muscle growth.

It’s really very simple: more muscles come from more food.

Obviously, we must avoid bingeing on unhealthy food such as pre-packaged products rich in chemical additives and bad fats.

  • Protein:

It is known that proteins are the building blocks for muscle building.

Proteins are essential for muscle reconstruction and recovery processes.

In general it is necessary to take 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight (lean mass).

  • Do not cut away carbohydrates:

Numerous studies have highlighted the benefits of proteins in muscle building, but also carbohydrates, provided they are good, are a necessary component for hormone balancing, to maximize the recovery and growth of muscle after training.

  • Work your back:

It is easy to concentrate on the arms and chest, forgetting the back muscle.

However, training only these areas can lead to imbalances and, in the long run, cause damage.

If you are not able to do specific exercises for the back, you can get great benefits by doing sports such as swimming or rowing, or at least the rowing machine.

  • Get enough sleep:

Growth hormone is released largely during sleep.

So, sleeping is a fundamental component for muscle growth.

It is always advisable to sleep between 7-8 hours a night.

  • Volume Training (High Volume Training):

Bodybuilders use a very effective method of training for muscle growth, which is the Volume Training, the high volume training.

As a rule, bodybuilders do five or more exercises per body part, four sets of 8-12 repetitions, equivalent to around 200 repetitions per body part.

  • Heavy loads:

Lifting heavy loads dramatically increases testosterone levels in the body.

It is recommended to use the heaviest load possible for groups of five (or less) repetitions.

  • Take a break:

Sometimes it is necessary to stop from time to time, depending on your characteristics; it is good to reduce weight or repetitions to allow better muscle recovery.

  • Make changes:

Even if you follow a training routine, there is always a need to vary.

Good training does not just mean being able to lift ever larger weights; there should also be a variation in the level of complexity and movement.

  • Train the legs:

Exercises like squats and deadlifts release high levels of testosterone, resulting in a growth of the whole body, as well as the legs.

  • Relax:

Tension and stress cause excessive release of cortisol, sadly known as the stress hormone, which hinders muscle building and facilitates disruption.

We must therefore try to keep stress to a minimum to maximize muscle growth.

Practicing yoga can be a good solution because it combines physical movement with meditation, and therefore relaxation.

Anyway, anything can help you relax and melt your muscles, like listening to music, massages, a good hot bath, aromatherapy, meditation, a walk in nature, and so on.

  • Consult a professional:

Contacting a qualified personal trainer, and maybe doing one or two training sessions with him or her, will surely help you learn new movements as well as learn nutritional advice to be used for a healthier lifestyle.

  • Be at ease:

It’s important to feel comfortable wherever you do the workout.

Otherwise, you will always be distracted, you will lose concentration and the results will be poor.

For the same reason, do not distract yourself with your mobile phone or other temptations, you have to concentrate on training and on your body.

  • Heating:

Heating is necessary to prepare joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles properly for actual training.

If you are doing a workout plan, it is good to follow it for at least 6-8 weeks. If you are not satisfied with the results after 8 weeks, do not hesitate to try something completely different.

Change exercises, amount of weight, repetitions, rest times, number of days, or anything you feel the need to change.

The important thing is to experiment with new things until you find the best combinations of factors for yourself and for the increase of your muscle mass.




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