How Agar essential oil is good for acne?

How Agar essential oil is good for acne?

How Agar essential oil is good for acne?There are natural remedies that are able to attenuate the scars caused by acne, which make the skin visibly smoother, softer and more elastic thanks to their cicatrizing and regenerating cellular properties.

The Agar essential oil is a natural remedy for acne scars that promote cell regeneration and tissue repair.  It is a skin disease which manifests with pimples or boils and characterized by an inflammatory process of the hair follicle and the attached sebaceous gland.

The most affected parts are the face, shoulders, back and chest region of the chest.

Agar essential oil is benefiting greatly in the natural healing process of the skin. Even if it does not make the scars disappear, this remedy makes the damaged skin smoother and smoother, softer and more elastic.

In fact, on the face, the scar of acne may appear flat, detected or sunken, with a lighter or darker color than the surrounding tissue.

The skin scars are more sensitive to ultraviolet rays. For this reason the most important precaution is to not take the sun directly on and apply to it a very high protection.

Often the scars on the face are the indelible memory left by the passage of episodes of acne.

There are several traditional medicine therapies that can help us to fight acne. But there are also natural remedies that we can combine and take into consideration.

There are so many essential oils that can help to reduce acne and its pimples. Agar essential oil is one of them. It is very effective in purifying the skin and allowing us to have a more beautiful and bright skin.

Where does Agar essential oil come from?

The agar essential oil is extracted from the Agar tree.

The trunk of the tree should be cut into pieces at first. The healthy agarwood is separated from the infected one and reduced to chips and immersed for a few days in the water for fermentation.

After a natural drying in the sun, 2 or 3 days, the wood is crushed again and prepared for the resin extraction process.

In reality, the Agar tree provides only 32 ml of essence on average.

This low productivity explains the cost of Agar essential oil.

The more the tree is old the more precious the resin is.

The more aged the oil is, the more saturated and rich the perfume becomes.

In addition to age other factors are responsible for price changes: the color, texture, or origin of the tree.

Agar essential oil has a profound ability to release stored emotions.

It deeply calms and soothes the nervous system, making it the perfect tonic for tiredness and stress.

For centuries, it was used for its wonderfully deep and luscious aroma to boost.

This essential oil can be used in incense, massage and physical therapy products.

It can make people feel relaxed both in the body and the mind, so that it can prevent people from disease and aging.

The Agar essential oil is very useful for reducing acne and pimples.

What is Acne?

Acne is a skin problem, which affects the face, chest, back and shoulders, and manifests itself with pimples, papules and pustules.

There are three common symptoms in acne: seborrhea, blackheads (when the pores dilate becoming containers of impurities); and the comedones (the pimples, inflamed or with presence of pus).

Recent scientific studies have shown that there is a relationship between acne and food, intestinal dysbiosis and hormonal imbalances in the stage of puberty, during the menstrual cycle or the period of pregnancy.

It is related to hormonal variations as well, especially of androgens, which stimulate a greater production of sebum from the sebaceous glands.

Generally, with the end of adolescence, the problem vanishes, as hormone levels stabilize.

The acne occurs if the sebum fails to escape properly, but goes to accumulate inside the hair follicle.

Therefore, using cosmetics as a foundation or primer that should excessively occlude the pores can lead to this problem.

In addition, a skin that has basically acne should be treated in the everyday with very fluid, fast-absorbing cosmetic creams that do not remain greasy on the skin.

The problems associated with acne were once typical of adolescents. Now, it is no longer the case, because many forty-year-olds suffer from what has been baptized as late acne. The good news is that you can do something to treat it with natural remedies.

Acne is a problem that can affect people of all ages, not just teenagers. It is an annoying and sometimes painful imperfection. And as a solution, it is recommended to use Agar essential oil against this body issue.

The future of the Agar trees is obscure. So it won’t be just a damage to perfumery, but a loss for botany.

Agar in the future will become increasingly expensive and rare product. Hurry and get it as soon as possible to not miss the chance to benefit from its numerous properties.




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