Diabetics, can you eat Bananas?

Diabetics, can you eat Bananas?

Can diabetics eat Bananas?Bananas, everyone’s favorite fruit. They are so delicious that nobody can resist them.

They are traditionally added to the “stay away from” list for diabetics.

But, for the most, people with diabetes can also eat bananas in condition to be very careful about the quantity and to take it with moderation.

Bananas are very energetic fruits, which contain 12-13g of simple carbohydrates per 100g of edible part: this characteristic makes them unsuitable for frequent consumption in the presence of diabetes.

The sugars contained in bananas are 83% monosaccharides or small polymers and the dietary fiber content is very low, of the order of 1.8g. The result is a fairly high glycemic index, about 50, calculated on the average of different species and degrees of maturation. Of course, it is plausible to say that banana consumption is directed towards ripe fruit. which has a glycemic index closer to 70.

Diabetes is a chronic disease – a degenerative dysmetabolic trait, characterized by chronic hyperglycemia and other disorders of glucose, lipid and protein metabolism, which cause frequent complications. Diabetes differs in:

Type 1 (Insulin-dependent)

Type 2 (non-insulin-dependent)

In the dietary treatment of the type 1 of diabetes:

Paradoxically, the food choice is less incisive on the glycemic equilibrium; this is due to the administration of exogenous insulin, whose dose is estimated on the meal to consume.

Therefore, the banana use is released from some very important variables in type 2 diabetes:

Glycemic load

Glycemic index

Combination of the two factors.

In type 2 diabetes, where circulating insulin is of endogenous origin (produced by the body).

But, it is functionally modified by peripheral resistance to insulin, adjustment of the amount of simple carbohydrates and the speed with which enter the bloodstream are of fundamental importance for the maintenance of physiological glycemic levels.

Are bananas good for diabetics diet?

It is true that bananas have different characteristics depending on the degree of maturity, however, in the presence of type 2 diabetes, the choice of the fruit must necessarily relate to low-calorie products, low in glucose and characterized by a part of fiber good food or at least discreet.

So, should diabetics avoid bananas?

Diabetics has the choice to eat many fruits, but this choice can be made either freely or carefully.

Without imposing to prevent the consumption of fruits, the diabetic can freely choose between: plums, oranges, kiwis, apples, pears, melons, watermelons, peaches, apricots … etc.

On the contrary, they must be drastically reduced as well: bananas, grapes, mandarins, persimmons, figs and all highly energetic and sweet fruits. In addition, it would be wise to consume portions of fruit less than or equal to 150g and reduce the frequency of consumption to one or two pieces per day.

Tips to follow if you are a bananas diabetics lover:

There are many instructions for those with diabetes to follow in case they can’t avoid Bananas.

Here are some:

  1. They must keep in mind that eating a small banana will reduce the amount of sugar they eat in a one meal.
  2. It is better to pick a firm, an almost ripe banana: pick a banana that is not too ripe, so its sugar content can be low.
  3. It is advisable to spread the consumption of the bananas during the day.

It is recommended to spread the banana to pieces and take small amounts during the day. It helps to assist the glycemic load and keep the blood sugar strong.

  1. Mixing the fruit with other different ingredients is affective as well. Adding bananas to other meals such as nuts or whole yogurt help to make the digestion and absorption of sugar way low.

Diabetics should always consider that meals containing carbohydrates may also have an effect on glucose levels.

It is very important to update the diet list according to what is either bad or good for a healthy body.

Additional note, in case of physical activity:

A final note on banana consumption and physical activity with diabetes.

It is proven and always applied that motor therapy acts directly and indirectly in glycemic control; directly because it increases the sensitivity of muscle receptors to insulin absorption, indirectly through the probable weight reduction that also leads to improved glycemic control.

Taking advantage of the typical anabolic window of post-exercise (proportional to the intensity and duration of the effort), even under conditions of diabetes, it might be okay to use banana.

Of course, we rely mainly on the good sense of the patients, because the portions should be useful for the treatment (100-150g) and the frequency of consumption should not exceed 2 weekly bananas.

Act wise, eat healthy, and keep your blood sugar levels stable:

If you are a diabetic, it is essential to focus on keeping your blood sugar levels stable as much as possible.

This can be released by a good glycemic control which can help to stop or slow the progression of some medical complications of diabetes.

That’s why it is vital to stay away from foods that cause blood sugar spikes or at least minimize eating them.

You can have your diet with bananas included, even if you suffer from diabetes. Since it is a rich food that has vitamins, minerals and fiber. Don’t miss the chance the eat it, don’t push yourself to avoid it, just act wise and follow the tips we gave you.

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