Six foods that will never expire

  1. Honey
  2. The way bees process honey changes its chemistry, making it last longer. The oldest jar was rumored to last 5,500 years

  3. Hard liquor
  4. Even if the bottle is open your stash will be fine, the arom may chage but the taste will stay the same.

  5. Instant coffee
  6. While it doesn’t compare to the fresh stuff, it will stay fresh in the freezer till the end of time.

  7. Dried beans
  8. They should last a while, even if the protein levels decrease

  9. Rice
  10. White rice is the best kind to keep around for a while, seal in an airtight container to keep bugs out.

  11. SALT
  12. Salt is a mineral so it’s no surprise it lasts so long, it is also used to preserve meat.

Source: Mental Floss/HUFFINGTON POST