Shoeless Stenson struggles to get ball out of hazard en route to Bay Hill MC

Henrik Stenson has been known to get down and dirty in hazards in his PGA Tour career. And while what he did on Friday at Bay Hill didn’t rise to the level of stripping down to his underwear at Doral in 2009, the Open champion still put on a show.

Stenson’s second shot to the par-4 11th at Bay Hill wound up in a water hazard short and left of the green. Stenson’s ball wasn’t totally submerged, so the Swede tried to hit it out of the water and save a stroke. Unfortunately, the first effort didn’t hang on to dry land and wound up on a mound of mud before going totally into the water.

From there, Stenson needed two more whacks to extricate his ball from the hazard. He then pitched from the rough to 3 feet with his sixth shot before walking up shoeless, mind you to the green to finish off the triple-bogey 7 by blading a wedge into the hole.